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Software Engineer focused on highly available and hyper scalable infrastructure, developer productivity and reliable software delivery


Lacework Inc. Oct. 2020 — Present

Senior Software Engineer


  • Software Engineer in Platform Engineering
  • Technologies: Python, Harness, Kubernetes

Pindrop Inc. Jul. 2016 — Oct. 2020

Software Engineer


  • Software Engineer in System Software (core infrastructure) team for Pindrop Protect
  • Created new High Availability solution for Protect (Flagship Product)
  • Implemented Raft leader election and consensus algorithm as part of the HA solution
  • Designed and developed a new telemetry and alerting framework for the product
  • Created a new REST based configuration system for the product
  • Technologies: C, Python, Red hat linux

Dealsafe Inc. Feb. 2016 — May. 2016

Software Engineer Intern


  • Created a system for Searching and Indexing Documents scanned by OCR
  • Created Backend API to serve Mobile and Front­end web apps.
  • Technologies: Python-Flask, ElasticSearch,Ruby on Rails, MySQL

FITL, New York University Sep. 2015 — Dec. 2015

Research Assistant


  • Designed Undergraduate Student on-boarding application - PreReg.
  • Integrated Single Sign-on Service to the application by accessing the NYU Shibboleth System
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Autodesk Inc. Jun. 2015 — Aug. 2015

Software Engineer Intern


  • Implementation and integration of analytics in based on Ruby on Rails
  • Detailed analysis of data received from the implemented events and properties in
  • Making additional improvements to the analytics based on insights derived from the initial implementation.
  • Designed a web based in-house Analytics tool to analyze data aggregated from various different analytics platforms (eg. MixPanel, Google Analytics etc.) from different products of ACG.
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra-Ruby, DCJS, Segment Ruby and JavaScript API, Redshift

Books That Grow Jan. 2015 — May. 2015

Software Engineer Intern


  • User Acquisition, Activation and Retention using Growth Hacking techniques
  • Developed a system for searching books with autocomplete using Elasticsearch
  • Integrated various OAuth services (eg. Facebook, G+) for a better Signup and Login experience
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch,Postgresql, AngularJS, Google Analytics

Cognizant India Aug. 2013 — May. 2014

Associate Programmer

Associate Programmerin Cognizant India, Kolkata

Meta Search Nov. 2015 — Dec. 2015

New York University

A Meta Search Engine for Code and Programming related Queries


  • Extracts search results from Sites like Github Gists, StackOverflow etc.
  • Ranks the results extracted from the website using custom ranking function
  • Returns the top 10 Ranked Results with relevant snippets

Web Search Engine Sep. 2015 — Nov. 2015

New York University

A basic Web Search Engine written in Python and C++


  • A web crawler for crawling and parsing data from the web
  • An inverted index to structure the crawled data based on keywords
  • A query processing engine to get result from the indexed data

New York University Aug. 2014 — May. 2016

Computer Science
Masters of Science


  • CS6033 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS6913 - Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines
  • CS6613 - Artificial Intelligence
  • CS6823 - Network Security

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Aug. 2009 — May. 2013

Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering


  • Formal Languages and Automata Theory
  • Database Management Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming and Java
  • Data Mining and Warehousing


  • C
  • Python
  • Golang


  • Linux
  • Kubernetes
  • CICD
Native speaker
Native Speaker

Abhishek and I worked on couple projects together in college and during the time of healthcare project in many languages among which Ruby and Java are prominent ones. He is very passionate and dedicated towards his work especially if the task requires innovation, coming up with new ideas within short time period. I definitely recommend Abhishek as he makes the company's environment vibrant, not to forget the coding part in which he has a good command and expertise

— Piyush Chauhan